Willow Vale Legal Services


Do you need a will? Do you want to appoint guardians for your children? Do you need a Power of Attorney or Living Will?

btain affordable, attorney-drafted legal documents from the comfort of your home in three easy steps:

      View and purchase your legal document(s) here in our online storefront
                 -  We accept all major credit cards via a secure PayPal gateway (PayPal account not required) and we
                    also accept personal checks

      Upon confirmation of payment, we will email you an online interview form
                 -  Complete the interview form, and upon clicking "submit" it will be emailed to our firm
                 -  We can also send you a paper version of the interview form, if you prefer. Contact us to request this

      Once you electronically submit the questionnaire form, an attorney will draft your legal documents(s)
                -  A  licensed attorney will review each interview form, answer your questions, and consult you for
information if necessary before drafting your legal documents


Why take the time and expense to schedule an appointment with a traditional attorney or trust your valuable estate planning to companies that merely generate your legal documents with a computer program, without any attorney oversight or interaction? 

We are a family-owned law firm that will ensure your legal documents are tailored to your needs and we will address any of your questions or special concerns with the full confidence of the attorney-client privilege. 

And because our legal services are offered through the internet, you can obtain your documents easily and affordably.