Willow Vale Legal Services

About us

Willow Vale Legal Services is a law firm owned by Jake W. LaForet, located near Quakertown, Pennsylvania. In addition to traditional legal representation to local clients, Willow Vale Legal Services offers a unique online "firm" where clients can obtain affordable legal documents. Each of these legal document are generated by an attorney licensed in the state in which the client resides.

Jake operates Willow Vale Legal Services from his small farm in upper Bucks County together with his wife Abbey. Their two cats, Maui and Barnabas, randomly contribute four-pawed typing services when least expected. Both Jake and Abbey grew up in Bucks County, and were homeschooled by their families before heading off to their universities. Jake graduated from Philadelphia Biblical University, served in the United States Air Force, and then earned a Juris Doctor from Ohio Northern University. He then worked as an associate attorney in a Philadelphia-area law firm before establishing Willow Vale Legal Services, through which he offers traditional legal representation and online legal document drafting services.


Website design, graphics, and photographs by Jake LaForet.  Willow Vale Legal Services logo drawn by Abbey LaForet.



It should be important to note that our document-creation services should not be considered a complete substitute for a meeting with an attorney for an in-depth review of your case, which may reveal intricacies and problems associated with your unique factual situation that will not be addressed or discovered by our services. If you seek representation beyond a legal document creation, are involved in or expecting litigation, or have complex legal concerns, you should retain a traditional attorney in your locality to work on your case.