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Standard Estate Planning Package for Married Couple

Standard Estate Planning Package for Married Couple

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This cost-effective estate planning package is ideal for a married couple with underage children, and includes:

  • Two Standard Wills, complete with Family Trusts and Guardian provisions
  • Two Powers of Attorney
  • Two Living Wills


These documents will protect your interests and the welfare of your loved ones long into the future.


A will is the most important element of your estate planning, and it can do more that just distribute your property. These Standard Wills appoint guardians, so that you and your spouse can have peace of mind knowing who will take care of your children should something happen to you. This ensures that YOU choose who will raise your children --- not the court system.

Further, these Standard Wills establishe a Family Trust to hold and distribute money and property to your children, if both you and your spouse should pass away before the children become adults.

Among the provisions found in the Standard Wills, these documents shall:

• Establish a primary and alternate plan of distributing your estate
• Appoint primary and alternate Executors and define their duties
• Give extensive instructions regarding payment of death and estate taxes, fiduciary duties, and extent of powers granted by this document
• Provide for any specific gifts and for the residue distribution
• Leave instructions as to your burial
• Ensure any pets you own at your death are cared for
• Appoint Guardians who will take responsibility of the children or incapacitated persons
• Establish rules that will govern Guardian selection, for the protection of your child, in the event your named Guardian experiences death or other family situations before or after taking custody of your children
• Direct the Executor to establish a Family Trust for the underage or incapacitated beneficiaries
• Appoint Trustees of the Family Trust
• Provide instructions on the management of the Trust, as well as the powers, liabilities, and duties of the associated fiduciaries


A Durable General Power of Attorney allows someone you trust to "step into your shoes" and make important financial and legal decisions on your behalf. The power here is "durable" so that it will remain in effect even if you become incapacitated by physical injury or mental illness. However, the power terminates upon your death.

Our Power of Attorney is very comprehensive and has been perfected over time. While a simple Power of Attorney SHOULD be interpreted broadly, often people holding a Power of Attorney (the Agent) are turned away because the companies or institutions do not see explicit authorization for the transaction the Agent is attempting to complete. Hence, our Power of Attorney is lengthy and detailed, addressing almost every conceivable act that an Agent may perform. This dramatically strengthens the chance that the Agent will not encounter difficulty when exercising the Power.


A Living Will, otherwise known as a Durable Health Care Power of Attorney, lets you specify decisions about what types of medical treatment you desire in the event you are unable to communicate, and empowers the people you choose to have the legal authority to make health care decisions for you.

By drafting this document and stating your intent, you prevent your loved ones from being confronted with uncertainty and difficult decisions during highly emotional and stressful times.